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Committing to Equality

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Beneby Enterprises, LLC. commit to change and empowerment both domestically and internationally. Our diversity, equality, inclusive & belonging consulting program facilitates positive intergroup interaction, reduces prejudice and discrimination, and generally teaches individuals who are different from others how to work together effectively. Our trauma recovery consulting program helps individuals of all age groups and diverse backgrounds deal with trauma, guides them on healing wounds and returning to a fulfilling life.

Our commitment includes using DEIB and trauma recovery programs to teach and advocate for women's and girl's careers, household responsibilities, work-life balance, challenging stereotypical gender notions, diverse gender identities, economic and wellbeing, understanding business start-up and sustainability, work reintegration programs, political representation, amplify artists and authors, challenge destructive internalized beliefs, design fundraising plan, encourage and support activism on unrealistic views of femininity, breaking the cycle of violence, forced marriage, trafficking, assist survivors and economic inclusion and equal rights for women and girls. Partnering with various organizations in research leading to extensive global collaboration.

Join us,

Philysha C. Beneby

Founder/Executive Director

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