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Helping Hands

Global Equality, Sustainability & Development

Helping Society Blossom Initiatives

1. UN Generation Equality Initiative

  • A 5 Yr Commitment maker collaborating with the Action Coalition on Gender-based Violence, Feminist Movements and Leadership, the Action Coalition on Technology Innovation for Gender Equality, the Action Coalition Feminist Movement & Leadership, and the Action Coalition of Bodily Autonomy & Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

  • Dedicated to raising $200,000 towards the prevention of and education provision in gender-based violence across the Americas and the Caribbean. Predominate action involves researching the benefits of implementing GBV instruction in home education and/or sex education courses in grades 6-12, in states across North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. 

  • Dedicated to protecting and advancing girls' and women's freedom of expression in the digital age. We are dedicated to raising $314,000 for scholarships and sponsorships for women and girls from developing countries to attend US-based Technology Innovation vocational courses, in states across North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. 

  • Feminist Movement & Leadership- providing options, opportunities, and awareness to small businesses who are not financially or scientifically able to contribute or aware of ways they can contribute to global issues, across North America. 

  • Promote, expand, strengthen, and protect civic space for women's human rights defenders, feminist action, women peacebuilders, girls, and other members of historically marginalized groups and eliminate barriers to feminist action, organizing, and mobilization, in all its diversity. 

  • Over the next 5 years, for Bodily Autonomy & Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, we commit $100,000 USD to expand awareness and access to family planning services, adoption, safe abortion, mental healthcare availability, and relatable research, across the United States.

  • Expand comprehensive sexuality education

  • Increase SRHR decision-making and bodily autonomy

  • Strengthen girls, women, and feminist organizations and networks to promote and protect bodily autonomy and SRHR

UN Generation Equality & the 17 SDGs: Projects
UN Generation Equality & the 17 SDGs: Video
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