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Societal Commitment

Helping Society Blossom Initiative

Beneby Enterprises, LLC. seeks to solve societies' multicultural issues by providing a comprehensive approach backed by our team of experienced professionals. Our process fosters collaboration and innovation to ensure we understand the core needs of individuals and groups helping them develop successfully. We use our programs to teach and advocate for women's and girl's careers, household responsibilities, work-life balance, challenging stereotypical gender notions, diverse gender identities, economic and wellbeing, understanding business start-up and sustainability, work reintegration programs, political representation, amplify artists and authors, challenge destructive internalized beliefs, design fundraising plan, encourage and support activism on unrealistic views of femininity, breaking the cycle of violence, forced marriage, trafficking, assist survivors and economic inclusion and equal rights for women and girls. Partnering with other organizations opens the door for research and future collaboration.

Helping Hands

United Nations Generation Equality Commitment

Helping Society Blossom Initiatives

Initiatives involve advocating for children's rights, Stem, the Arts, women and girls' rights, trauma awareness, trauma response, teach business, water and food for everyone. and child and juvenile offender rights. We are a UN Generation Equality 5 yr Commitment maker collaborating with the Action Coalition on Gender-based Violence, Feminist Movements and Leadership, the Action Coalition on Technology Innovation for Gender Equality, the Action Coalition Private Sector & Philanthropy, and the Action Coalition of Bodily Autonomy & Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Spinning Pottery Wheel

United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Turning a New Page

International trade and Education are essential for poverty eradication and sustainable development. International trade addresses poverty reduction, food security, job creation, gender equality, and environmental sustainability by fostering economic growth through trade growth.

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Societal Commitment: Projects
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